Wednesday, October 1, 2008


alias Bruce is an awesome blog. I urge you to check it out. His analysis of the Palin-Biden debate is spot on. A snippet:
...the cruder and the more belligerently ill-informed she is on national and world affairs, the more her crude, ill-informed public feels she's one of them. It's a no-loss proposition. If she comes off as defiantly snappy, she wins; if she comes off as defiantly brain-dead, she wins. She is, really, the most advanced development yet in the statesmanship-doesn't-matter movement of the far right, a step beyond even W, who was himself a shocking phenomenon of anti-distinctive mediocrity. Palin is comforting proof, to the mentally lazy and the ignorant, that government is bullshit, that anybody can do it, that all it takes is attitude and a sneering our-kind-of-people moxie...
Another good place for information is the Huffington Post. There are headlines to ponder and videos to watch, but the best information is gleaned from the featured blogs. The writers are varied, diverse, and bring fresh and interesting perspectives to the table. For example, in a piece written by Paul Abrams:

Sarah Palin may win the Vice-Presidential debate. This is not spin. Nor is it a matter of low expectations. The Republicans are doing a masterful job of lulling the Obama campaign into a false sense of security that she is very difficult to teach, and that he will win hands-down.

Yes, Joe Biden oozes gravitas, and in troubling times that can be appealing. And, yes, Palin projects school-girl naïveté. Her comments about world leaders all being "foreigners", that she has foreign policy experience because Putin rears his head and flies into the airspace in Alaska is not much different than the Miss Teen South Carolina who was an internet smash, rambling about "US-Americans." At least the latter was only 19, and not running for Vice-President with a 72 year-old man with a history of melanoma.

Go check out both of these blogs - you'll be better informed and entertained.

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