Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ohio Prevention First Act

Click here to sign a petition from Planned Parenthood Affiliates of Ohio:

For over three years now, the Ohio Prevention First Act has gone without a hearing in the Ohio House of Representatives. This critical piece of legislation was put on the back burner while teen pregnancy rates rose and sexually transmitted disease rates skyrocketed...
The chairman of the Ohio House Health Committee will schedule a hearing for the Ohio Prevention First Act later this year - late November or December...
Please invite your friends to sign the petition. Every voice brings us closer to passing this much needed legislation.

The Ohio Prevention First Act will reduce unintended pregnancies through:
  • Realistic sexuality education and teen pregnancy prevention programs,
  • Funding for family planning programs,
  • Guaranteed access to birth control prescriptions,
  • Contraceptive equity, and
  • Emergency contraception access and education.

So, click and sign to urge Rep. Wacthmann to give the bill a hearing.

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