Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lots to do

California is on the verge of approving a very toxic gas for use in strawberry fields. Click here to sign a petition in opposition to the use of methyl iodide. More on methyl iodide here. Please note the comment period ends on June 29.

Even though I'm a vegetarian, I believe meat-eaters have the right to safe critters. Click here to send your Senators a message asking them to "beef up" the USDA's E. coli program.

Click here to urge Congress to support investments in quality, affordable childcare.

Click here to share your story: Why are paid sick days important to me?

Oxfam is asking you to urge Congress here to help end violence against women worldwide:
· Improve our government's ability to respond to systemic violence against women.
· Provide aid to women's groups on the ground working to help survivors.
· Support innovative programs that decrease acts of violence.
· Focus resources on prevention and ensure that dollars are used in the most effective ways possible.

Plant a virtual flag here to state your support for moving the U.S. away from oil dependence. (Kinda goofy, but what the heck?)

Let's not forget Darfur. 4.9 million people are displaced and violence is raging. Click here to help make a difference.

Click here to learn how to write an effective, attention-getting letter to your Representatives.

Urge Congress to pass the Safe Chemicals Act here.

Free shipping through June 30th at the Unitarian Universalist Bookstore. Click here.

I told you there is a lot to do!

Help realize Cesar Chavez' dream of safe food and justice for all a reality here.

Urge Elton John to give the money he received from Rush Limbaugh to marriage equality funds here.

Click here to urge Congress to fully fund NPR and PBS. Donate to your local stations if you haven't already.

Click here to urge Congress to bring all commercial dog breeders under federal oversight. This would be a huge step in puppy mill reform.

Click here to tell BP to quit burning the endangered sea turtles. Seriously. Gah. ^%#*&$^!

Tell President Obama "NO" last minute deals with whaling countries here.

Update on previous action:

On June 9th, EPA officials announced the end to use of the dangerous chemical endosulfan in this country. This is one step toward a global ban (you clicked to urge India to ban endosulfan here).

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