Thursday, June 17, 2010

All about the animals

Today's actions are all about animal welfare. Please click away.

Help save Africa's lions from extinction here. Can you imagine a world without lions? Mind boggling.

Click here to rescue 9 chimps from a research lab. Did you know humans and chimps share 95% of the same DNA? It's true (we also share 25% of our DNA with bananas, but that's a different post...).

Click here to shop the Animal Rescue page of the Greater Good network. Each purchase helps feed a marine animal in need.

Love them or hate them, sometimes PETA does good work. Click here to tell the Australian government to stop lamb mutilation. (Warning: graphic photo alert)

Check out the work being done by the 2010 Goldman Environmental Prize winner here. He is amazing - after helping get protection for his beloved sea turtles, he has turned to helping ban shark finning and is taking on shrimp trawlers and tuna farming as well. He is inspiring and incredible. You can adopt a shark or sea turtle at the site and take part in helping save the creatures of the sea. I heard an interview with him on The Story yesterday and am enthralled. Having visited Costa Rica - and Tortuguero National Park - I *get* what he's talking about and am amazed at his energy, enthusiasm, pragmatism, and compassion.

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