Monday, June 28, 2010

Action Update

So, your clicks urging President Obama to to stand up for whales worked! From the Humane Society:
It was a close call, but you made the difference: the attempt to sink the ban on commercial whaling was blocked!
At last week’s international meeting to determine the fate of the world’s whales, some nations and groups pushed for a deal that would have granted authority for Norway, Japan, and Iceland to kill whales. But they couldn’t drum up the support -- and that was because of an outpouring of public concern: You said that all whaling must end.
You told the Obama administration that protecting whales was more important than pleasing whalers, and they listened. Thank you.
Never doubt it for a minute: Your voices were heard.
You weren’t alone: Hundreds of thousands of activists from around the world told their governments to choose policies that protect whales, not kill them.
Together we held the line, and I hope you will celebrate along with me.

Click here to thank Mr. Obama.

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