Friday, October 3, 2008

I laughed, I cried

Oh, the VP debate last night. I did laugh and cry - both times thanks to Biden. I thought for sure Sarah Palin would elicit those emotions in me for all together different reasons, but no, it was Joe. Here's why:


Here's a good, visceral analysis over at Daily Kos entitled "Does Palin Think this is a F*cking Joke?" Doggone it, you betcha' this ain't no friggin' joke (wink, wink). Just waiting for digby to watch the debate this morning and report back her findings. Huffington Post has video about "Sarah Palin's...Eyelash Problem".

If you haven't contributed to the Obama/Biden campaign, please do it today. Thank Joe Biden for being smart, engaging, disciplined, respectful, and a real asset to the Democratic ticket. Go Joe!

Obama/Biden 2008

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