Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Suspension or Time Out?

McCain is calling for a time out so he can go do something in the Senate. Why he bothers now, what with being the most absent Senator in the 110th Congress, is highly suspect. He's being called out, and justly so, by many: Nancy Pelosi says,
The debate should take place as scheduled...we have to be able to do a couple of things at once. That's what leadership requires.
Harry Reid says,
This is a critical time for our country. While I appreciate that both candidates have signaled their willingness to help, Congress and the Administration have a process in place to reach a solution to this unprecedented financial crisis.

I understand that the candidates are putting together a joint statement at Senator Obama’s suggestion. But it would not be helpful at this time to have them come back during these negotiations and risk injecting presidential politics into this process or distract important talks about the future of our nation’s economy. If that changes, we will call upon them. We need leadership; not a campaign photo op.

If there were ever a time for both candidates to hold a debate before the American people about this serious challenge, it is now.

Barney Frank says,
It's the longest Hail Mary pass in the history of either football or Marys.
Even David Letterman, yes, David F*ing Letterman says,
You don't suspend your campaign. This doesn't smell right. This isn't the way a tested hero behaves...I think someone's putting something in his metamucil.

He can't run the campaign because the economy is cratering? Fine, put in your second string quarterback, Sara Palin. Where is she?

What are you going to do if you're elected and things get tough? Suspend being president? We've got a guy like that now!

Here are some random things I've come across on various blogs (this is fun!)
President Bush was able to debate John Kerry while he was president. For all of his sudden urgency, McCain acknowledged just yesterday that he had not even read the administration's three-page bailout proposal.
When you're Commander in Chief, I don't think there'd be a worse signal to send to our troops in harm's way than to say, "Hey, hold on guys. I know you're getting killed over there, but I have to get a time-out here to deal with Wall Street."

If troops need to multi-task without a break, is it so wrong that we demand that a potential President-in-waiting prove that he can manage a financial crisis, and still address crises around the world for 90 minutes? And, if a potential President-to-be can't manage that, is it wrong to think that maybe he ought not just suspend a debate and the campaign, but move aside and get out of the race?
Dudes, has anyone heard of multi-tasking? It's 2008. You're not going to have to take a covered wagon from the Capitol to Mississippi Friday. What is preventing you from voting/debating, then taking off and getting there in time for the 9 p.m. (East Coast time) debate kickoff? There's still time for McCain to get in his pre-debate nap and Obama to shoot some hoops.
What is going on???? Does McCain think he can ride in on his white horse and seemingly fix the economy??? Is this political theater???
And, Obama says:
It’s my belief that this is exactly the time the American people need to hear from the person who in approximately 40 days will be responsible with dealing with this mess ... What I think is important is that we don’t suddenly infuse Capitol Hill with presidential politics ... Presidents are going to have to deal with more than one thing at a time. It’s not necessary for us to think that we can do only one thing, and suspend everything else.
Oh, snap! I cannot wait for Countdown and Rachel Maddow tonight!

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