Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kicked out?

Remember the MomsRising campaign asking Sarah Palin to spell out her positions on issues of great import to families? Well, the group tried to deliver today but was kicked out of her D.C. office:
With all the hubbub around Gov. Palin's status as mother as well as politician, we decided to ask her to clarify the McCain-Palin stance on family-related issues. We got over 20,000 signatures and counting on this.

And hey, you can still sign on! Because we just got kicked out of her office while we tried to deliver the letter with all the signatures.

A camera crew accompanied our executive director, Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, and a group of moms on their way to the delivery. Palin's office invited the camera crew up-- but said we couldn't come up to share the letter and signatures. They told us to mail it.
They invited the camera crew up but not the organizers? They kicked them out and told them to mail it? Mail. It. Right. Good one.

So, you can still sign the letter if you haven't already.

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