Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jezebel Rocks!

The debate live blogging was fantastic! It's a must read. So much good stuff, but here are some of my favorite snippets (I'm sure I'm abusing fair use statutes, but this is awesome):
9:13 ET: John McCain loves the American worker, and that guy will save us all. Not the women, though, because they won't be getting equal pay and will be too busy trying to get more education and training to make up for it.
9:16 ET: Earmarks were $18 billion in last year, but McCain's proposing $300 billion in tax cuts for rich people. Nice pivot, Barack! Just please don't say "Main Street" again. Resist the urge! I can tell you want to!
9:23 ET: McCain interrupts Jim Lehrer to talk about the energy bill. Obama interrupts McCain but remains polite. John McCain is getting testy. Maybe he'll call Obama a cunt?
9:26 ET: Barack likes ethanol, fuel efficiency, health care system, educational competition and space walking, higher educational affordability, infrastructure including rural broadband and rainbows and sunshines.
9:39 ET: Iraq? McCain said it went really well at first and then we fucked it up. The Surge succeeded and we are winning in Iraq and he's got a Bridge to Somewhere in Alaska to sell you that Sarah Palin totally didn't want because if you repeat lies enough the eventually become true.
9:48 ET: Admiral Mullen said Obama is dangerous, according to McCain. Obama disagrees. So does Mullen. John McCain's a dick.
9:59 ET: McCain served in Vietnam, did you know? Also, he won't let us lose because losing is bad regardless of whether we can actually win or not.
10:12 ET: McCain will never ever ever ever ever talk to Iran no matter what because Ahmadenijad said bad things about Israel and possibly talking them out of nuking Israel by talking to them would legitimize the trash talks. Also, South Koreans are 3 inches taller than North Koreans on the average which proves that North Korea is an oppressive regime. How much taller than McCain is Obama again?
10:36 ET: Did you know McCain was a POW?
10:46 ET: ZOMG! The networks invited both VPs to comment on the debates and Biden showed and the McCain camp... sent Rudy Giuiiani?? He hasn't been keeping up on his hair cuts. Brian Williams announced that McCain's people wouldn't let her appear. Ok, now, seriously, promise, going to stop watching. But even my dad thought that was some bullshit.

There's so much more, but you need to go read it yourself. Good stuff.

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