Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Renewing my TerraPass

I'm renewing my TerraPass. If you don't have one, think about getting one. It's really a bourgeoisie way to alleviate driving-induced guilt! Here's what my renewal notice said:

Dear Jill,

Just one week until your TerraPass membership anniversary. By taking just a few minutes today you can help to fund clean energy and carbon reduction projects for another full year: renew your membership today.

In just four years, the TerraPass membership has grown to over 150,000 people like yourself. Together you've supported over 1 billion pounds of carbon reductions across the United States. It's the equivalent of:

  • Avoiding 1 billion miles of driving
  • Replacing about 10 million regular light bulbs with compact fluorescents
  • Installing 4 million low-flow showerheads

Together we are making a real difference. Individual reductions really do add up to something meaningful. Please don't let your membership lapse.


Your purchase of a TerraPass reduced 11,000lbs of carbon.

Every TerraPass is verified by an independent, third-party auditor, so you can be confident that buying a TerraPass is an effective step in the fight against global warming.

Yay me! It's so easy: go to the site, figure out how much Co2 your car emits, then purchase a pass. Simple, (relatively) cheap, and a really good thing.

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