Sunday, January 18, 2009

No Nukes

If "no nukes" is a hot issue for you, check out this post from Ojai Peace Coalition Action Blog:

Nuclear Actions: 4 Steps in 2 Minutes
The greatest threat to our planet and future generations is nuclear weapons followed by global warming. There is now an incredible international effort to begin the work to ELIMINATE all nuclear weapons! The people have spoken and 73% of American's are in favor of eliminating these weapons. This is not a liberal or conservative idea. This is survival idea. We all have many important concerns and issues. They do not matter if there is no planet. Will you take two minutes to make this happen?

1. Please endorse the Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Free World as we let President elect Obama know our feelings. He has already expressed his support but he must hear from his constituents as he begins his presidency.

2. Sign on to the International Global Zero Campaign started last month in Paris. This group was launched by 100 international leaders and calls on all world leaders to begin in earnest the work to eliminate all nuclear weapons. Add your support to their amazing list of signatories.

3. Make Nuclear Weapons Abolition a "Top 10" Issue for The Obama Administration
The website (not to be confused with has generated 250,000 online votes in the first round of a contest to choose the "ten best ideas for change" in America. Nuclear Age Peace Foundation entered an idea: "US Leadership to Abolish Nuclear Weapons Globally" and has been churning out votes to get it into the top ten vote-getters. Those ten will be promoted, with fanfare, to the Obama administration and the public.

Vote for it online by clicking here!

Voting for the "Top 10" is happening online now and until 5:00 pm Eastern time, January 15th. About 90 ideas made it into the final round, so the competition is stiff!

4. Finally, pass this action on to everyone and every list you have. We can do it!

Sponsored by Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions

Two minutes? Can't get any easier (or lazy) than that!

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