Monday, October 6, 2008

Team Angel

A young boy recently received a multiple organ transplant. He was home for about 6 days and is now being re-admitted. The family also has a new baby. So, they could use some support. From a website created by several moms on one of their on-line parenting groups:
An extraordinary boy and his amazing family need your help.

On July 22, 2008, eight year-old Angel received a liver, bowel, and pancreas transplant. Although he and his family remain optimistic about what the future holds, they know that they have only just begun the exceptionally long road to recovery.

In addition to navigating the unknowns of his surgery and recuperation, Angel’s family faces many additional challenges. In order to be close to him during his hospitalization and in the many difficult months that will follow, Angel’s family has had to temporarily relocate two hours from their home. This relocation has affected not only his parents, but also his three year-old brother, who misses his sword-fighting partner desperately. To top it off, Angel’s mother is due to give birth on August 13, 2008, to his long-awaited baby sister, and now needs to do so with a new doctor at a new hospital some two hours away from home (ironically, down the hall from her recovering son).

There is nothing Angel’s family would not do to help him get well, but the reality is that the costs surrounding Angel’s surgery and his family’s subsequent relocation – including housing, gas, food, child care, and additional bills – are staggeringly high… and they simply cannot do it alone.

Even superheroes sometimes need a little help.
Join Team Angel today.

You can click here to find ways to help and to learn more about this amazing boy and his family.

Click here to find out about organ donation and for ways to ensure that you are designated as a donor.

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