Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ohio's Second District - MY district

Dr. Victoria Wulsin is challenging Jean Schmidt for this seat once again. Wulsin narrowly lost last cycle, and the addition of an independent challenger won't help her, but hopefully she'll pull it out this year. Here's ad from 2006:

While the numbers in the ad have since changed (casualties in Iraq, national debt number, etc.) the results of Ms. Schmidt's tenure in Congress have not: she is an unmitigated disaster. Here she is, earning her "Mean Jean" credentials during her very first speech on the House floor:

What an embarrassment. She was subsequently voted one of the Top 10 Conservative Idiots in 2006. No surprise there.
Here's a more recent Wulsin ad:

It's past time to vote Schmidt out and Wulsin in! Help Vic by clicking here.

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Monkey said...

Don't forget to vote for Vic in WCF's Voices for Choice contest. She's winning but not by much. Every vote counts!!!

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