Saturday, October 18, 2008

I beg of you

Please, especially if you live in California, do whatever you can to defeat Proposition 8. I just stumbled across this and am made ill by it:

Volunteer. Put up a yard sign. Slap on a bumper sticker. Talk to friends, neighbors, merchants. Write a letter to an editor. Do whatever you can do to stop this insanity.

As California goes, so goes the Nation.

h/t Daily Kos.


Carolyn said...

Proposition 8 is an important piece of legislation that can prevent the destabilization of our society and the family unit. It is so important that this proposition be made law to protect our rights, our children, and our nation.

Marriage is ordained of God to be between a man and a woman. What God has decreed, I hope that we as a nation will never refute.

GiGi said...

May I ask why you are visiting this site if you don't agree with it politically? Doesn't make sense to me, so please stay away if you can't play nicely.

Lisa Snider said...

where did she come from? anyhoo, I have been doing my part to fight this. it's the last acceptable form of discrimination that's masquerading as protection of marriage...hate disquised as family values, usually by those who claim to be good christians.

GiGi said...

I did not know...

Why does marriage need "protecting" anyway? If it's ordained by god and all, WTF? Plus, heteros aren't very good at marriage anyway, so why not give the gays a chance. (Snark/)

Lisa Snider said...

Her blog here:

And, no surprise, she is LDS, a major funder of this overtly discriminatory effort. What happened to the separation of church and state when it comes to political campaigning?

We're having a problem with our hospital CEO (also LDS) being very vocal on this issue:

GiGi said...

I also saw that a ton of Yes money is coming from out of state. Bigots everywhere.

Was there any fall out from that CEO statement?

John Bisceglia said...

I sincerely hope PROP 8 fails miserably.

BUT - if it DOES passes, is everyone prepared to spend another ba-zillion dollars on PR and possibly wait 20-30 years to "win" equality in CA?

AND - if it does NOT pass, which state will we focus on next so we can spend another ba-zillion dollars to purchase civil rights?

I know I am virtually alone here (except for Charles Merrill and his partner), but I think all of you are insane. Truly step away from writing-on-the-wall-with-your-feces crazy.

Because if ALL of us truly believed we WERE equal, we would not be so patient as tax-payers and U.S. citizens. We'd simply KNOW we ARE equal, and refuse to pay into a system that not only denies our familes civil marriage but doesn't even acknowledge our existence (wait for the 2010 census).

I'm 43, and I will NOT wait until I'm 73 for fair and equal treatment. It's OK for the country at large to be ignorant, bigoted, mid-guided, and mid-informed. But that's not my fault. So until people GROW UP and show my family the same "civil" respect heterosexually-identified families are given, I owe this country and the IRS nothing.

How many times do I need to say this?