Thursday, October 30, 2008

How Orange is Your State?

From the ASPCA:
Whether you’re Red or Blue, when you support the ASPCA you’re also Orange. And we need as many Orange supporters as we can get to put an end to cruelty and abuse.

That’s why we need your help! Check out our map to see how your state stacks up and ask 5 friends to join us today. Together we can end animal abuse.
I blogged about the "Cast your vote for cruelty" campaign between Mittens and Rowdy here. Now, you can click here to see a map and how many in your state have cast a vote to end animal abuse. It's not too late to cast your vote! Click here to help spread the word.
It’s only a few days till the election and the critical date when we deliver our list of signatures against abuse to the next American president. Please take action now!

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