Monday, September 8, 2008

Time is of the essence

Here's your list of things to do:
* Donate. And then donate again. And then email all your friends and family and ask them to donate too.
* Make calls from home. It's easy. I do it every day. And when you're done making calls from home. Make some more calls from home.
* Attend an event near you.
* Pissed off about smears? Join the Action Wire Team and fight the smears. Do it here, do it at work, flyer your grocery store or the Main street in your town, etc.
* Make sure you are registered to vote.
* Join
* Sign up to get information on campaign events.
* Explain Obama's policy stances and ideas. (And if you think this is useless - I can't tell you how many voters I have persuaded downloading this Blueprint for Change and explaining it.)
* Buy some Obama gear. Buy lots of it. Wear it everywhere. Give it to people as gifts.

I for one would love a t-shirt, yard sign, and sweatshirt...I already have a few bumperstickers, a pin, and some fabulous earrings. UPDATE: I just bought a Support Pack: for only $25 you get a yard sign, a bunch of pins, lapel and bumper stickers, and a blue rally sign. I also bought a very cool state lapel pin. I couldn't decide between it or a Women for Obama lapel pin. I went with state pride rather than identity politics. I would still love a t-shirt and a sweatshirt. Maybe next pay period...

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