Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm back

Our power was out for two days - internet down for three -  due to strong winds from Ike. So, now I have lots to catch up on:

Palin may have been plucked from obscurity to appeal to women voters who are aching for a maverick in mom's clothing, but don't be fooled. Palin is not on this ticket to bring gender balance to  the White House; her primary role is to reinforce the almighty power of traditional masculinity.
  • Listen to Fresh Air today.  If that doesn't scare you, nothing will. Michael Greenberger articulated my fears about an impending depression. He ended with a "what to do list" which I determined to be:  1) elect Obama 2) see a competent certified financial planner 3) put your money in a reputable bank. 
  • Take action on the Protect Our Children Act, which is being voted on soon.
  • Read about the feminist organizations that have endorsed Obama (hint, "Feminists" for Life  isn't on the list).


Lisa Snider said...

Glad you are back at it! Your public missed your blogging!

GiGi said...

Thanks! Good to know I have a public...