Sunday, August 10, 2008

Raising a Low Carbon Child

Interested in raising a green child but too lazy to figure out how to do it? This article, written by Elisa Batista for Terrain Magazine, is for you: organic food, the diaper debate, lead in toys, and educating children to "be stewards of the environment."

For a short article, she covers a lot of ground and highlights some of the debates within the green movement. She also gives tips on ways for a parent to put their money where their mouth is. She writes in the introduction,
If you worry that you're a big consumer of resources, consider your kid. For parents committed to reducing their child's carbon footprint—without breaking a sweat or the bank—more help is available than ever before to minimize waste and raise conscientious, ecologically-aware children.
Yeah, I worry. This article helped assuage some of that worry and pointed me in some new directions. You should check it out.

h/t Elisa at MotherTalkers

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