Saturday, July 5, 2008

South Dakota Abortion Woes

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against Planned Parenthood effectively forcing doctors to provide ideologically-driven, misleading, and inflammatory information to women seeking abortion.  That is,  the embryo or fetus is  a "whole, separate unique living human being."  Yup, women are so stupid and unable to make informed choices because apparently we don't know that we are pregnant with human beings. 

If it isn't bad enough in South Dakota (it has the most restrictive abortion laws in the country), it could get worse. That's right, worse than 
no abortion can be performed in the state without a 24-hour waiting period, mandatory education about a woman's options, parental notification in the case of a minor, and the review of a sonogram
and now this ridiculous statement about unique human being-ness, another abortion ban is slated for the ballot this November.  Goddess help us all.

Sign this pledge at Planned Parenthood to show your support for women and health care providers in South Dakota. Or this one at South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families. Or both.

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