Sunday, July 27, 2008

LGBT Stuff

Dana at Mombian does such a great job of keeping us up to date on all things LGBT. I love her site. Here's a snippet from the weekly political update:
  • The Personnel Subcommittee of the U.S. House Armed Services Committee heard testimony for and against the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. SLDN executive director Aubrey Sarvis notes the irony that this was the same day politicians gathered to honor the 60th anniversary of President Truman’s executive order that ended racial discrimination in the armed forces.
  • After meeting with HRC* (and perhaps feeling pressure from the blogosphere) the Mars candy company pulled a controversial ad showing an effeminate man being shot at with candy bars and told to “run like a real man.”
  • A proposed Arkansas ballot measure banning unmarried couples who live together from adopting or fostering children failed to collect the needed signatures, but received a 30-day extension under state law.
Proposition 8 in California is currently losing in the polls. Yay! That does not mean, however, that we can be complacent. Fast and furious attack ads and hateful, ignorant disinformation abound. Click here to help financially support HRC's California Marriage PAC and here to sign a pledge of support for LGBT marriage with Equality for All.

Here is a list of the largest "Marriage Protection" idiot donors to date. Reigning from San Diego are these heavy hitters: Terry Caster, the owner of A-1 Storage, Doug Manchester, owner of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, and Carlsbad car dealer Robert Hoehn. Boycott them!

*For those of you who don't click links, HRC = Human Rights Campaign, not Hillary Rodham Clinton...

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