Monday, June 2, 2008

Save the Whales

Today let's talk about Whales. My neighbor's daughter was just in Japan and went to a commercial fish market. She saw whale meat there along with big signs forbidding photographs. Very interesting. If Japan is indeed only conducting "scientific whale hunts" and then selling the surplus meat, why no photographs?

Below is a link to Greenpeace where you can sign a petition to urge the use of cameras, not harpoons, in conducting research. If the Japanese are serious about whaling research, there are many non-lethal ways they can go about it. However, b.s. statements like this confirm my long-standing belief that they are using "research" as a shield to kill whales:

" Whales eat more fish than humans do and full-scale hunting should resume to protect stocks."


Click here to send a message that research need not equal death.

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