Saturday, June 7, 2008

My beloved TiVo

TiVo is partnering with Focus on the Family. Ugh. Send them an email telling them that you will not support a company that promotes only one type of family and very messed up family values.

"It is allowing FOF to bring its members special offers on TiVo products and services. I'm not happy about that—but it could be worse. Has it, however, struck a further partnership with FOF for FOF's Father's Day "SuperDad" essay contest (, with TiVo boxes and service as the prizes?"

The amount of involvement is unclear, but TIVO allowed FOF to use its logo and is indeed supplying the prizes.

So, send them an email expressing your displeasure. I already did.

Here's the link.

H/T - Dana via MotherTalkers


St said...

I grew up on FOF...yeah. Puts my stomach in terrible knots now.
Vegas710 (from MT!)
ps, I'm in Cinci too!

GiGi said...

We're in Loveland... small world!

St said...

We are thinking of relocating up that way in a year or so. In North College Hill right now.