Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gas Pains

From Progress Ohio:

Gas prices have hit an all-time high. Our country is in the midst of a recession, thanks in part to our crippling dependence on oil. Here in Ohio, families are struggling with the impact of $4-per-gallon prices.

But maybe John McCain has been too busy fundraising with Texas oil billionaires lately to hear about it.

Click here to tell John McCain how much you're paying, and how gas prices are hurting your family.

McCain Voted Against Taxing Oil Companies to Finance a Tax Rebate For Consumers. McCain voted twice against a measure that would have provided an income tax rebate to Americans by temporarily taxing enormous oil company profits.

McCain Voted Against Reducing Dependence On Foreign Oil. He voted against legislation calling on the President to submit a plan to reduce foreign petroleum imports by 40 per cent.

Since launching his campaign in 2007, Senator McCain has skipped out on every key environmental vote the Senate has considered. In one instance, his absence killed the rollback of billions of dollars in tax breaks for the oil and gas industry to invest in renewable energy tax credits. McCain was the one senator not voting.

When Senator McCain swings through Ohio next week after his trip to Texas, we'll have a message for him. But we need your help.

Let us know how much you're paying at the pump, and the impact it's having on your family. We'll compile those responses and send them to McCain's Senate office.

(P.S. I'll be away until July 1st so this is the last post until then...)

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